Milan Saes

Milan Saes is the founder of Everest Square Capital. Born in a family where both parents are active in healthcare, I was confronted with healthcare from a young age, hearing all the intriguing stories my mom and dad experienced, I was interested from a young age.

Before Everest Square Capital, I was the founder of a marketing agency. I’m also an investor and shareholder of NCY Essentials ( After having worked in marketing for several years, I decided that it was time for a switch. My switch to private equity has been rewarding both financially and personally. I was CEO and co-founder of a firm called Straise, which was an investment banking firm for startups in Europe (not industry specific). After having bought the shares of my partner in this business, I continue the investment banking work for companies under this new brand.

Having finished courses in Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School, this made me discover my special interest in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Everybody, at some point, is confronted with health related issues. The thing I can’t seem to accept is the helplessness that’s involved with having no other options anymore. I don’t know if it’s my nature of being an entrepreneur and always seeking solutions, or my personality, but I always want to fight. Luckily, I’ve found other people who share that mission with me, this is our way of making a difference. This way we hope to accelerate innovation in healthcare by supporting management teams financially.

After work, I’m a big fan of burger restaurants, lots of running, and watching good movies.

Investor Relations Associate

Mara Hermse

Mara is an Investor Relations Associate at Everest Square Capital and is responsible for working with institutional and high-net-worth investors.

Mara has over three years of experience working together with municipalities, educational institutions and non profit organisations where she was responsible for setting up teams, research policy changes and building connections with stakeholders. Outside of the office Mara loves theater, ashtanga yoga and cooking with friends.

Investment Analyst

Marc-Kevin Siegfried

Marc-Kevin is an Investment Analyst at Everest Square Capital and is responsible for business development. Feel free to contact Marc-Kevin to discuss your capital needs.

Born in Germany but raised in Singapore, Marc-Kevin has acquired experience with sales and operations with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Having worked internationally in Asia and Europe, he demonstrates interactive communication skills, critical thinking and data acquiring and analysis. With a diploma in Leadership and Communication focused in Business Administration and Management from Singapore Management University, he also has experience in entrepreneurship and business development and enjoys working with startup companies globally. He is highly motivated and is constantly amazed by new innovations being introduced into the healthcare industry. Besides this, Marc-Kevin spends most of his days playing guitar and singing along to classic rock anthems with his friends.