For institutional investors

Working together with institutional investors in the healthcare industry is fundamental to our existence. How can we help each other?

1. Provide you with investment opportunities.

We’re always looking for new relationships with institutional investors looking to invest in the healthcare industry. Feel free to contact Mara Hermse our Investor Relations Associate to schedule an introduction meeting.

2. Startup turned SME? Let us help!

Did one of your ventures turn into an SME? Everest Square Capital can help you exit your stake in these situations.

3. Let us help your ventures raise capital.

Click here to learn more about our capital raising services.

4. Want to realize a return for your LPs? Let us help you.

Are you looking to sell your stake in a start-up, SME or big business? Let us help you to sell. Feel free to reach out to Marc-Kevin Siegfried, our Investment Analyst to discuss your situation.