Capital raising

Raising capital is essential for the survival & growth of your business. Fundraising however, is a frustrating process for many founders.

“Founders spend way too much time financing their business, while they should be busy developing their innovation, and creating shareholder value, especially in the healthcare industry...” Milan Saes

Whether management teams like it or not, fundraising is a full-time job! We like to argue that management teams should rather spend their time developing their company than fundraising. We’re not saying management shouldn’t take meetings. We’re saying that management should minimize the time spent on fundraising until they’ve got solid leads that want to meet up.

First impression is last. Many investors are annoyed or simply confused after the first meeting. Management of healthcare companies likes to get into the details while the investors want to know something completely different. Everest Square Capital helps you make sure that you spend your time effectively, explaining all the right things in the right meetings, leaving a first impression to build upon.

Getting an investor interested and eventually closing the deal are two different things. We support companies from the moment they think of raising capital until successful closing of their round.

Everest Square Capital helps you:

  • Determine how much capital you’ll actually need and how much you can realistically raise;
  • Value your business;
  • Create marketing materials (teaser, information memorandum & presentation deck) and prepare a data room;
  • Prepare management teams for the fundraising process, making sure your presentations leave a great impression of your business;
  • Identify and approach investors in and beyond our network that are looking to invest in businesses just like yours;
  • Follow-up with investors and negotiate a great term sheet;
  • Eventually close the deal;
What kind of capital raising processes do we participate in?


  • You’re raising between €15.000.000 - €150.000.000 in equity/debt;

  • You’re a company active in the healthcare industry;
    • Pharmaceuticals;
    • Biotechnology;
    • Medical devices;
    • Digital health;
    • Healthcare services;
    • Other healthcare related companies;
  • You resonate with the mission of Everest Square Capital.